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Our Story

Kimberly McDowell is the founder and CEO of ButterFlyWerks, a project based collective enterprise that delves into the entertainment and beauty industries. She is responsible for running all facets of the business, including corporate sustainability. Kimberly has a proven track record in special project execution, the nexus of ButterFlyWerks’ business model.

Kimberly’s routine includes implementing strategic priorities and meeting with partners to ensure ButterFlyWerks’ vision and philosophy is sustained. Kimberly has become a valuable player with qualified and quantified successful endeavors in industries such as film production, live music entertainment, music production and beauty & personal care.

Kimberly is an African American Culture enthusiast who enjoys creating art (abstract expressionism), supporting performing arts and encouraging youth to stay focused and be floral. Frequently, you will catch Kimberly event planning, in the museum, traveling abroad or taking lifestyle off-shot photos of people in her community.

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